Injury prevention for an active future
SCALED is a method to produce a series of mass-customized and interlocking protective scales for precise motion limitation. It prevents injuries in the first place, without restricting movement by delivering protection and support only where and when needed.


How can design prevent injuries in the first place and help improve the quality of life to ultimately keep pace with longevity?
Research shows that human joint injuries are often recurrent and likely to cause long-term immobility. Many solutions can be actually found in nature as animals are physically protected from threats, for example by skin, shells or scales.

SCALED offers the potential of a controlled motion-limiting structure to prevent hyperextension joint injuries. Mobility is commonly a trade-off with protection and SCALED therefore presents a nature-inspired solution for flexible protective wearables. The use of parametric design allows the structure to meet a user’s exact needs and the restriction in motion can be regulated through set parameters.
Ultimately, SCALED is a method to produce a series of mass-customized and interlocking protective scales for controlled motion limitation. The developed algorithm designs a data-driven, customized and responsive scale structure according to the user’s specifications. SCALED can be used for injury prevention, rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement through regulated motion control.

SCALED has evolved from a degree project to a potential start-up business. SCALED received funding from the MedTech SuperConnector and will be further developed by refining prototypes, optimizing the algorithm and approach healthcare companies to enable clinical trails and further user testing.
I hope that SCALED will be applied in the real world to improve life quality, speed up rehabilitation and empower a society for healthy aging.
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