preventing ankle inversion sprains
Today, we mostly walk and run in shoes on asphalt. Our ankles lose muscles to balance uneven surfaces which causes ankle sprains in daily life.

GENKI is preventing ankle rolls, particularly an ankle inversion. GENKI works as an easy add-on for low rise sneakers to prevent ankle twists and support lax ligaments.

There exists overwhelming evidence that most of the ankle injuries affect the ligaments and that approximately 85% of those injuries are lateral ankle sprains. It has been shown that an initial sprain can impair the function of the ankle joint complex in the long term, which is referred to as chronic ankle instability. Further, current ankle braces and support stockings are constantly supporting and are reducing muscle strength where needed the most.

GENKI is designed to only support the ankle in the moment of an ankle inversion. This helps the user to get back to a normal everyday routine quicker. GENKI is created for rehabilitation and injury prevention purposes.

GENKI received patent support from InnovatioRCA. (Patent pending)
This project is looking for partners and collaborators for further development, please get in touch.

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